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Alex Cain owner of The Lift

Alex Cain


Since a rotator cuff injury crushed my chances of playing college baseball, I’ve been on a mission to help others get strong and prevent devastating injuries. I’ve trained baseball, softball, and tennis athletes at every level, from amateur to professional. I’ve helped clients lose over 150lbs, gain tons of muscle, and double (even triple) their strength all while eradicating their chronic aches and pains. Using my T3 training method, I develop programs combining corrective exercise, strength training, and metabolic conditioning to help clients build a bulletproof body that performs as well as it looks.

Ryan Pinkney coach at The Lift

Ryan Pinkney


For years after High School, I was unhappy with my body. With the support of my fiancé and our 2 cats, I lost 70 pounds and am now in the best shape of my life. I wish to share my journey and knowledge with anyone who may benefit from it because I know the struggle! I’m a gamer at heart, mostly sticking to my PlayStation in my free time. But in the gym, along with custom programming and nutrition coaching, I’ll be helping clients achieve and maintain their goals and feel confident for years to come. All while staying safe and injury free!

Coach Cole Spieker

Cole Spieker


For most of my youth, I lacked direction and inspiration in my life. I struggled through high school, dropped out of college, and spiraled down a deep hole. In 2021, I signed up at my local gym and fell in love with weightlifting. Not only did I learn how to improve my physical well being, but also my mental health. My whole philosophy on life shifted into one of continuous improvement, to set out to be a better person than I was yesterday, and learn how to be even better tomorrow. Now, equipped with not only knowledge, but passion, I seek to use my strength as a capacity to serve others who may face a similar situation, and to improve a world that will exist without me. I specialize in hypertrophy and strength training, and am hoping to be able to perform as an amateur bodybuilder in the coming years. Outside of the gym you can find me enjoying the sun on a nice drive (whenever we have it), prepping for my next DnD session, or generally nerding out about the next big game or animated show.

The Lift Office Admin Talia

Talia Cowan

Office Admin

I’ve been hopping from gym to gym for years, trying to find one that felt right for me. Being a plus size woman, it was tough finding a place where I felt comfortable and supported while working on getting stronger and leaner. Then, after the pandemic hit, my family introduced me to The Lift, and it was like finding my gym soulmate. Not only do they help me reach my fitness goals, but I also feel totally accepted for who I am and the work I’ve put in. After being a client for a while, I got the chance to switch gears and join The Lift as part of the staff. Now, I’m working behind the scenes, helping with community development and keeping everything running smoothly. I’m always here to chat with our clients and I’m all ears for any ideas they have to make our space or community even better!

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