Star Wars Fit Film Challenge: Episodes I-III

The lingering anxiety of staggered re-opening strategies has given rise to a populace bored and impatient from months of self-isolation.
With tempers boiling and tensions running high, a lone trainer has found a way to combine fun and fitness; training the next generation of Jedi from the comfort of their couches.
We join our heroes, these isolated knights of the Stay-Home Jedi Order, in Episodes I-III of their journey…

Fit Film Challenge workouts are designed for all levels of fitness using 4 levels of difficulty. Each level has a specific exercise to perform after a certain trigger during the film. These triggers can be based on a plot point, action, or piece of dialogue.
Padawan is the most novice, demanding the least movement difficulty and work volume.
Knight is for those proficient with form, adding more volume throughout the film.
Master is for experienced lifters, maximizing movement difficulty with great volume.
Sith Lord is for those who want to tap into the Dark Side. Success will only come with great suffering.

Much training, you need. May the Force be with you.

Padawan: Glute Bridge x 10 when a non-droid character is killed with a lightsaber.
Knight: Single Leg Glute Bridge x 10 each leg when Padme has a wardrobe change.
Master: Hip Thrust x 5 when someone turns on a lightsaber.
Sith Lord: Frog Pump as fast as you can while Jar Jar is speaking. Feel the hate flow through you.

Padawan: Incline Push Up (hands elevated) x 10 when Anakin talks about sand/his mother.
Knight: Push Upx 10 when you see a lightsaber color besides blue/green/red.
Master: Decline Push Up (feet elevated) x 10 when Obi-Wan gets in a lightsaber fight.
Sith Lord: Push Up as fast as you can while Yoda is fighting. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate… leads to suffering.

Padawan: Squat x 10 when Anakin turns against a Jedi
Knight: Reverse Lunge x 10 each leg when the Emperor uses a lightsaber.
Master: Split Squat x 10 each leg when a Jedi dies
Sith Lord: Lateral Lunge x 5 each side when someone says “Sith” and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete.

Next week we get to the good stuff: Episodes IV – VI!